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Katazome is a Japanese printmaking technique, traditionally using sticky rice paste and hand-cut stencils with natural indigo to create detailed patterns on cloth. Inspired by this tradition, explore each step of the process, from stencil-making and design to natural indigo vat-making and dyeing. Along the way, discuss traditional materials and explore contemporary alternatives for use in a home studio. Learn how to build and balance the natural indigo vat and create layered patterns with various shades of blue on cotton and linen. Students who have some dyeing or printmaking experience will enhance their practice and beginners will get a valuable introduction. This workshop has no supply fee; a $50 kit fee is payable to the instructor at the beginning of class. All levels welcome.

November 2-3, 9 am to 5 pm
Mordants are substances, generally metallic salts, that are used in combination with natural dyes to create lasting colors on cloth. Mordants can shift the tone and saturation of natural dyes such that, with the use of different mordant combinations, a wide range of colors can be created in a single dye vat, and even on a single piece of cloth! In this class, we will create thickened mordant pastes to paint and print designs on cotton cloth. Inspired by traditional surface design techniques, we will work with three dye vats (madder, weld, and sumac) to create a wide range of shades and patterns on cloth. We will cover fabric preparation, making a printing surface, stamp-making, natural dye chemistry and history, as well as post dyeing fabric care. Students will create a color reference chart on cloth to use in future dyeing endeavors, as well as their own uniquely patterned pieces.

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