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Stencil Resist with Indigo.png

Stencil Resist with Indigo Workshop
at Sanborn Mills Farm 
Sanbornton, NH
July 12-16

Katazome is a Japanese printmaking technique, traditionally using sticky rice paste and hand-cut stencils with natural indigo and other plant-derived pigments to create highly detailed and vibrant patterns on cloth. We’ll spend the week inspired by this tradition, exploring each step of the process from stencil-making and design to natural indigo vat-making and dyeing. Along the way we discuss the traditional materials used in this beautiful process, and present modern and accessible alternatives for use in a home studio. We will be focusing on our natural indigo vat, learning how to build and balance the vat and creating layered patterns with various shades of indigo blue. Students will be able create one or more carved stencils, and multiple pieces of printed and dyed cloth on both cotton and linen. This class is well-suited to those who have some dyeing or printmaking experience, but no previous experience is necessary.

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